DS Domination or Dropship Domination is a training course ran by Roger Langille where you pay $19.95 a month..

I thought this business was just another damned scam at first where one affiliate is trying to recruit another kind of like Empower Network.

I decided to join and give it a try for $19.95.. followed the course and to my surprise it wasn't a scam at all I actually made money..

Its hard to understand sometimes what you are paying for online but its no difference then paying for college or any type of education..

And if it works and does what it says its not a scam at all?

So yes DS Domination does work and will make you money

Even to skeptical people like myself.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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You all full of *** if you think this a scam.Everytime I sell I make money.

Stop been so tight folks if this is something you considering at least test drive the thing for 30 days dang! Is it that difficult? No one is holding you hostage after the 30 days. Only after then will you be able to draw your honest conclusions.

YES I am aware this is an old post but if some of you skeptics still here or even if you now just reading this.Read my post and use an ounce of common sense.

I am NOT an affiliate in the company!

I am done.

Bel Air, Maryland, United States #947356

I'm suspicious, there are way too many current DS Domination members PROMOTING the program on this page.The main post alone creepy, as it sounds highly in genuine, and offers no actual information except the entrance price.

Why on earth would so many satisfied DS Domination users go onto a site like this in the first place? It's strange, and makes me want to avoid the company even more. I was looking for information, seeing someone's negative experience allows me to see roadblocks I might also experience.

Everywhere I go however, I run into strange ads like these.I'm disappointed, and thoroughly creeped out.

to sydney Delhi, Delhi, India #958258

Strongly agree with you.It is too good to be true and the testimonials everywhere are generally fake.

I would want to stay away from it. Why would every person want to brag about their success with DS?

its definitely something fishy.It is best to stay away from this *** like SCAM.


If you know business it's all a pyramid.Look at your regular job someone is always above you.

Unless if you are a marketer who is making big money. Which I doubt anyone here is lol. Anyone can sell on eBay,but Rogers training is simple and easy to follow. If you lose money with Ds it's because you are lazy period.

I have a team of 10 and all of them sell on eBay and are happy because for the fist time they found something that works for them.

So if you are serious and not lazy come and talk to me I will show you how to really sell and make money with Ds.I have additional training for my team that's why they sell.


Really?..I lost $300 already and getting out now...

3 months later and lesson learned.. I have experience of selling.. but the money is in the memberships.. yes.

it is another successuniversity..

I can not say that I hear many people making money by selling on eBay, but they are making money on the affiliates they get to join..Warning sign here?

New York, New York, United States #855803

come on people, this is a pyramid scheme, yeah, you can make some money but can you make a living out of it. Majority of people will be scammed, only the few who started at the beginning will make real money. Use your heads, stay away from pyramid schemes!!!!!!

to Joe #855905

Joe, perhaps you do not understand the difference between multi-level marketing (or network marketing) and a pyramid scheme. Here is a resource that helps explain the differences: http://money.howstuffworks.com/pyramid-scheme2.htm

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #835867

Wow this site is called Pissed Consumer.This doesn't sound like this person was pissed.

It sounds like she's just using this site to promote. Same concept when you Google something and it says it's a scam only to catch your attention.

Lets be true to what this site is about.. it can help many others.

If you disagree with what has been posted then do so..

but why promote what you do.It then makes you look bad for a company that's pretty good.


I was told I can join via a "cash out" process, no money needed.I paid $7 for a cash out to earn my $19.95.

$21 went into my balance and it still wouldn't take that as membership. after giving a credit card, I can now (a) not access my $21 and (b) their cancellation page is "no longer available." this beyond scam.

no response from support and my sponsor is no help at all.:(


This site is for customers that are pissed. Why are you a *** bag *** man creating a fake pissed report? Every single person that sees this fake report should immediately know these DS Domanation people should be avoided.

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